We’re excited to work with you! Post in the issues queue with any questions, feature requests, or proposals.

General Goals & Tips

  • Highlight your functionality in the demo page (admin/tripal/extension/tripald3/demo) without removing any of the charts already there. This makes it easy for me to review and gives you a place to test your chart.
  • Ensure your functionality doesn’t break existing charts by checking the demo page and confirming all the charts are drawn correctly.
  • You can use the test page (admin/tripal/extension/tripald3/test) to ensure that data is validated correctly or to check edge cases. This is a great place to demonstrate any bugs you are fixing!
  • For new chart types,
    • Any new chart types should be called through drawFigure().
    • Colours should be chosen using the Color Scheme API (i.e getColorScheme()) so that all diagrams look consistent.
    • Use popovers included with this API for information provided on hover.