1. Unpack the D3 v3 javascript library in your Drupal Libraries directory (quick check, you should have a libraries/d3/d3.min.js file; for more information see the documentation).
  2. Download and install this module as you would any other Drupal module (Documentation)
  3. (Optional) Go to Admin » Tripal » Extension Modules » Tripal D3 Diagrams to configure colour schemes, etc.


This installation guide assumes you already have a Tripal site. If not, see the Tripal installation documentation.

  1. Install the Drupal libraries API
drush pm-download libraries
  1. Install this module.
git clone
drush pm-enable tripald3

Now that the module is installed, you can configure it to suit your needs or just get back to developing your custom field with easy to add diagrams.