This function should not be used directly. Instead use drawFigure where options.chartType = simplepie

Source Code: js/tripalD3.pie.js

def drawMultiDonut(svg, data, options)

Draw a multi-series Donut Chart


The canvas to draw the chart on.


An array of objects (one object per series or pie ring) with the following keys:


the human-readable label for the data series. This will be used to label the ring.


an array of objects (one object per category or pie-wedge) with the following keys:

label:the human-readable label for this category (pie-wdge).
count:the number of items in the category. This is used to determine the size of the wedge and MUST BE AN INTEGER.

A javascript object providing values to customization options. Supported options include:

width:The width of the drawing canvas (including key and margins) in pixels.
height:The height of the drawing canvas (including key and margins) in pixels.
maxRadius:the maximum radius of the pie chart.
donutWidth:the width of each ring.
labelPadding:the number of pixels between the series labels and the right edge of the pie chart.
drawKey:whether or not to draw the key; default is “true”.