This function should not be used directly. Instead use drawFigure where options.chartType = simplepie

Source Code: js/tripalD3.pie.js

def drawSimpleDonut(svg, data, options)

Draw a simple donut pie chart.


The canvas to draw the pie chart on.


An array of objects (one object per category or pie-wedge) with the following keys:

label:the human-readable label for this category (pie-wdge).
count:the number of items in the category. This is used to determine the size of the wedge and MUST BE AN INTEGER.

An object containing options for this chart. Supported keys include:

width:The width of the drawing canvas (including key and margins) in pixels.
height:The height of the drawing canvas (including key and margins) in pixels.
maxRadius:the outside radius of the pie chart.
donutWidth:the width of the donut (difference between inner and outer radius).
timbitRadius:the inside radius of the donut.
labelPadding:the number of pixels between the series labels and the right edge of the pie chart.
drawKey:whether or not to draw the key; default is “true”.